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Easy Read
A good Read





 Title  Author Owl  In TBY Additional
 A Sun and a Shield
Devora Gliksman 
Nor the Moon by Night Devora Gliksman    
Child of War  Nachman Seltzer 
City of Diamonds 
Rosalie Lamet 
Tatte said Run! 
Pinchos Yeshaya Kornbluth 
Beyond the Tracks 
Ruth Mermelstein 
Hanah Mantel       
The Refugee  
The Youngest Partisan A. Romi Cohn      
Tell the World        
Nine out of Ten Dr. Moshe Katz      
The Scent of the Snowflowers R.L. Klein      
They Called Me Frau Anna Chana Marcus Banet     The Holocaust Diaries Book 2
Dare to Survive Chaim S. Friedman     The Holocaust Diaries Book 3
Behind the Ice Curtain Dina Gable     The Holocaust Diaries Book 4
Sisters in the Storm Anna Eilenberg-Eibeshitz     The Holocaust Diaries Book 5
Itzik, Be Strong Yitzchok Pomerantz     The Holocaust Diaries Book 6
Songs of Hope Duvid Werdyger     The Holocaust Diaries Book 7
Counterfeit Lives Avraham Krakowski     The Holocaust Diaries Book 8
Someday We'll Be Free Leibel Sanik     The Holocaust Diaries Book 9
Alone in the Forest Mala Kacenberg     The Holocaust Diaries Book 10
Shattered Crystals Mia A. Kanner     THe Holocaust Diaries Book 11





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