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Non Fiction

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 Title  Author Owl In TBY Genre, Theme, Setting, TIme, etc.
Man's Search for Meaning
 Viktor Frankl
   Psychology. Psychiatrist Frank's memoir and the lessons for spiritual survival.
I'm a Stranger Here Myself (1998)
Bill Bryson
    This is a collection of often humorous articles written by Bryson in the 1990s. 
Roughing it in the Bush (1852)
Susanna Moodie
    Written as a guide for British settlers to Canada, this is where Canadian literature gets started. Combines memoir with vivid descriptions of the hardships of settler life. 
The Last Lecture (2008)
Randy Pausch
    This  energetic professor of computer science was asked to give a theoretical "last lecture" on the most important life lessons he could convey. Pausch's lecture is poignant because he really WAS dying when he gave it. But his lecture is upbeat and often funny. 
The Gift of Stuttering
Moe Mernick
    Mernick tells the story of how he overcame a debilitating stutter to becomes an international public speaker. 



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