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Conversations and Observations

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We are Ministry-mandated to record Conversations and Observations.

Our last inspector mentioned that we should be quantifying some of these.

If you have any best practices, please share! (You can speak to Mrs. Train, edit this page or comment below)


Ideas for Quantifying Conversations & Observations

  • if the student is demonstrating something or writing on the board and shows that they have learned material, you can assign marks
  • if the student is using required vocabulary in their conversation, you can give them credit (usually under Knowledge & Understanding)



Ideas for Recording Conversations and Observations

  • Keep one page per student and record positives and concerns
  • Use a spreadsheet or Google Docs, organized by date or by student


Jennifer Gonzales of The Cult of Pedagogy offers some interesting tips:

Video 1 is about using your notebook for classroom management 

Video 2 is about recording notes about each student



Check out this advice for using C and O for improved Classroom Management:



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