Writing a News Report



Writing a News Report



Example of News Report

Examples of Levels 1 through 4

OSSLT Criteria and Assignment Rubric



The Grade 10 OSSLT – Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test– will be asking you to write a News Report based on a headline and picture. This assignment will help you practice for the test and at the same time give you an opportunity to share your knowledge about safety considerations in a technology (computer) environment.



1. Choose one of the headlines and pictures. Think of an event that relates to them.


2. Brainstorm ideas (the OSSLT has a rough notes section) to identify general and specific information based on the headline and picture.


3. Make up one or two short quotations to make the report more interesting or support the details. Imagine what a person (a witness, a victim, an expert) might have said at the scene or during an interview. This gives the reader the feeling that they are at the scene.  Remember to either name the person or use an “anonymous source.” (Interesting fact: 3-5 quotations are often found in OSSLT’s most highly rated news reports!)


4. FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT: What safety advice relates to your topic?  You should offer at least 3 tips on one of the areas we discussed in class: passwords, protecting your identity, establishing a positive identity, safe online shopping, cyberbullying issues, protecting yourself against malware and other safety topics.  


5. Start Writing your paragraphs.

 The key elements of a News Report are illustrated at the right, in an inverted paragraph style.


  • The important information —the 5 W’s and How — can be found in the lead. 
  • Additional details and quotes are added according to their importance. 
  • The least important information can be found at the bottom of the story (or pyramid).


Format of News Report


Catches your attention, sums up a story


Indent or skip a line

Optional 1st sentence

This can be a way to get you interested in the rest of the story. Eg. “John never thought such a disaster could happen to him.”


Indent or skip a line


The opening section. Gives the most important information, such as answers to who? what? where? when? Why? How?  Write sentences about “what” is happening. You can quote what someone is saying about what happened or write a factual sentence about it.


Indent or skip a line


Continue to add details. Make sure that every new idea starts a new paragraph. Indent or skip a line between paragraphs.



Explain any loose ends. Are there next steps or suggestions for the reader?

Many news articles on technology offer recommendations or advice. Since your articles involve safety topics, please add recommendations for staying safe or what to do in case the reader has a similar problem. You may recommend a website for more information or offer specific advice.

For this assignment, please recommend a minimum of 3 strategies.

Last Sentence

Your last sentence can be a quote from someone or a sentence that ends the article.


Important Considerations



Knowledge & Understanding

Thinking & Inquiry





Example of News Report

Examples of Levels 1 through 4

OSSLT Criteria and Assignment Rubric