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CM Short Clips

Page history last edited by Mrs. Train 6 years, 3 months ago

Classroom Management Clips to Assemble

Using: http://www.tubechop.com/



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Some possible videos for PD                            















New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management


A new teacher get's advice from management expert Jackie Ancess on management of her classroom.

11 minutes


Teachers TV: A Lighter Note


New music teacher has difficulty keeping student attention while explaining lessons.

As well, some students are fooling around and he has to deal with disruptive behaviour.

14 minutes


How to Maintain Classroom Discipline - Good and Bad Methods


Excellent video from 1947. Principles still apply.

13:43 minutes


Positive Discipline Strategies Yield Quick Results


Holding students accountable and relating consequences to infractions.

5:26 minutes


Establishing the Ground Rules - Tough Love


An experienced teacher shows how to set rules for new grade 9 students.

13 minutes


Setting the Tone from Day One


"Your expectations are what you allow them to do, not what you say."

2:20 minutes


Others in this series:

Settings and Achieving High Expectations

Ready to Learn: Creating a Positive Classroom Culture

Attention Getter: Say the Secret Word

Don't Smile 'Til December? Humor in the Classroom



Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

(Wellbeing at Work Series)


Advice from master teachers and a psychologist.

13 minutes


Lecture to New Teachers (Long)


Learn specific techniques from expert Terry Haydn, speaking to trainee and new teachers.

Uses a 10-level scale of classroom atmosphere.

40 minutes


Bright Extroverts who Demand Attention


Using students' energy in a constructive way so whole class can participate.

13:50 minutes


The Quiet Ones


Unlock hidden talents of quiet students. The ones who slip through the cracks.

13:45 minutes


The Need for Structure


Good lesson structure keeps students on target.  

14 minutes


Classroom Management: They Didn't Teach me That

Student Teacher needs advice on how to get students' attention without shouting or being confrontational.


14 minutes



Comic Relief: Catherine Tate & David Tennant

Be glad you don't have this student!













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