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Accepting an Offer

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Once your start receiving offers from universities or colleges, here are some important points to keep in mind:


Maintain your Average

Universities have the right to refuse you, even if you were initially admitted, if you do not maintain your admission average. This is particularly important if you apply to a program that requires a specific grade level minimum. Once you are accepted, don't let your grades slip!


Confirm by the Deadline

You must confirm your acceptance by the deadlines stated in your Offer of Admission letter. Otherwise, you may lose your spot at the university. As soon as you get an offer, record the deadline date on your calendar or school agenda book so that you don't forget it!


Book an Enrollment Appointment, Portfolio Appointment or Literacy Test by the Required Date

Some universities, colleges or programs want you to book an enrollment appointment. Make sure that this is done by the required date, too.


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