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I want to apply to schools now, for after Seminary? Will they defer?

Some schools do defer (for example, York University) while others won't (O.C.A.D.). You need to approach the admissions office directly and find out. It is also better to ask for this information via email or written correspondence so that you have written confirmation.


Will universities give me credit for Seminary courses?

Some do, some don't. You need to check with individual schools, usually BEFORE you go to seminary. It's also a good idea to get this information in writing.


I received acceptance to one of the schools to which I applied! Should I accept the first one?

Of course you are excited, but you may want to wait until you are closer to the acceptance deadline. Some schools may offer a scholarship, based on your average, so it's best to wait, if you can, until you can compare offers.


What is Jewish life like on different campuses?

Jewish Initiative Learning on Campus (JLIC) operates out of York University but they also visit other Toronto campuses.  JLIC coordinates davening, education and events on campus.  Many universities have an active Hillel organization that sponsor talks, services, meals and chesed projects.  Some campuses also have Hasbara, which engages in Israel advocacy.  Chabad and other organizations also come onto different campuses in Ontario . The Jewish Studies department of your school may also offer events. Your best bet is to ask students (alumni) who are currently on campus about what activities are offered. For more information about Jewish organizations on Toronto campuses, visit http://york.jliconline.org/meet-the-community/


I would love to go and take a look in person! Is this allowed?

Yes! Most universities and colleges offer tours. Check with the individual admission departments for dates and times (you will probably need to book a time). Some schools will ask you to contact individual programs (eg. culinary arts at George Brown) and book directly with that department.


I would love to speak to a former student about possible programs!

Speak to a teacher who teaches a related subject, eg. Interior Design -> Art teacher. He or she can probably suggest a Tiferes alumni to speak to.


Once I submit my application, are there any other requirements?

Certain programs such as art, involve a portfolio interview in order to gain admission.

Other programs will require English and/or Math tests to prove that you have the required knowledge or skills. Be sure to book your enrollment appointment by the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission letter.


Got more questions? Please leave a note for Mrs. L.

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