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Applying to Ontario Universities

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Ontario Universities’ Application Centre

OUAC 101 Online Application for Ontario Secondary School Students




Step 1: Your OUAC Access Codes

Your guidance cousellor will give you a confidential letter containing your access codes:

    • PIN (Personal ID#)
    • School Number
    • Student Number

These numbers will allow you to access your OUAC 101 Online Application.

Your PIN is confidential! Don’t share it with anyone else!


Step 2: Research Your University Options

  • Visit eINFO (www.electronicinfo.ca) to see what each university has to offer. Read the eINFO bulletin.
  • Read the OUAC 101 Instruction Booklet as well as the 101 Addenda (both available at www.ouac.on.ca/
    ouac-101/) to get the most up-to-date program information.
  • Check out university publications, websites and tours.
  • Talk to counsellors, family, teachers and friends.
  • Write down your program choices and codes, and keep them handy.


You can use the FastTrack option to add program choices to your application using the OUAC program code.



Step 3: Mark Your Calendar

November 2013
Schools distribute Access Code Letters for the OUAC 101 Online Application.
November 8, 2013 Target date for the OUAC to receive all electronic student data files from Ontario secondary schools.
January 15, 2014 Latest date to submit completed online applications to the OUAC.
February 4, 2014 Recommended last day to make changes to your application.
May 29, 2014 Date by which the universities must respond to your application for admission.
June 2, 2014 Earliest date by which the universities may require a response to offers of admission and a financial commitment.


Step 4: Paying for Your Application

  • Fees
  •  Summary of Fees
  • All fees are non-refundable. Your application will not be forwarded to your university choice(s) until you submit full payment to the OUAC. Fees for withdrawn university choices are not refunded.
  • All fees are listed in Canadian dollars.
    • Base Application Fee: $130
      For the initial three university/program choices.
    • International Service Fee: $10
      If the mailing address is outside of Canada.
    • Additional Choice Fee: $44/choice
      For each university/program choice beyond the initial three (e.g., if two additional university choices are added, you must pay $88 in addition to the base application fee).
  • Note: You may apply to as many Ontario universities/programs as you wish; however, you are limited to a maximum of three program choices at any one university (including affiliates). Some universities may further limit the number of programs to which you may apply.


You have the following three options:

  1. VISA/MasterCard/American Express:
    You will need the card number, expiry date and the cardholder’s name.
  2. Online/Telephone Banking:
    You will receive a bill payment account number from the OUAC as soon as you submit your application.
  3. Cheque/Money Order:
    You must send the cheque or money order by mail within two weeks of submitting your online application.



The Final Steps

Once you’ve selected your programs, you’re ready to prepare and submit your application following these six steps below:



1. Program Choices - Review the programs that you have selected.

2. Order Choices - Number your choices in order of preference. This doesn’t affect admission or scholarships unless the university specifies this in their literature.

3. & 4. Personal Information and Address Information - Your school may have already provided much of the data. Check it for accuracy and make changes where necessary.

5. Additional Questions – The universities require you to answer nine questions. Don’t worry – they’re easy!

6. Academic Information – Review and report errors to your guidance office.



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