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Business Leadership - Management Fundamentals - BOH4M

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BOH Update:


Please note the test on CHAPTER 2 of the text will be held on WED NOV 13TH.  The test will be made up of some True / False questions (about 4), some multiple choice questions (approx. 11) two thinking short answer questions and two essay questions (you only choose to complete ONE of the essay questions).


Please look at the list of resources listed under Chapter 2 in Unit 1 - including:  the PowerPoint for Chapter 2, the summaries for Behavioural Theorists AND the Modern Management Foundations and links to the animated clips that we saw from the Educational Portal.  In Friday's class (Nov 8th) we will do the Practice test ( that I have already posted under the Chapter 2 resources), and review possible approaches to questions 7-10 from Exhibit 2.4  GoForIt Gym (also posted under the Chapter 2 resources).  After our in class review, this Friday,  I will post an answer key to the practice test and an answer key to questions 7-10 from Exhibit 2.4 GoForIt Gym.  


As I announced in class on November 7th, any student who hands in a 1-2 sided 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of notes on Tuesday November 12th, that she has written in preparation for this test, can receive an extra communication "bonus" mark that will be added to their test.  


If you have any questions or concerns about this upcoming, please contact me at the following email address:  mrs.shorfer4biz@yahoo.com.  



click on this link to get to the materials for :    Unit 1 - Foundations of Management



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