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Instructions for Students: Citing Your Sources

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Instructions for Students: Citing Your Sources 


  1. Please use the following format to cite your sources: APA MLA
  2. Required:
      In-Text Citation  – OR -  Footnotes for your page references.
     ☐Works Cited (MLA) – OR -  References (APA)
  3. You may may NOT use Wikipedia.com as a source for this project.
  4. Use the following source(s) in your project:   

          ☐Textbook  Book   Web    Journal    Primary Resource    
                 Multi-media (art, music, video)    Interview  Other:

  1. Include full website address in your MLA citation: Include   Do not include   
  2. Cite multimedia such as art, photos or videos: Cite source   Do not cite   
  3. You do not have to cite common knowledge.
    Examples of common knowledge for this course are:


How to Cite Sources:

  1. If you use an exact quote, you must use quotation marks around it.
    If you paraphrase information (put in your own words), you don’t need quotation marks.
  2. In either case, you must include an in-text citation, endnote or footnote indicating the source.
  3. In either case, you must include the source in Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA).

  • Please refer to the Research Guide available at http://bit.ly/T6kqjK for citation help or
    go to  http://tiferes.pbworks.com under Student Resources > Citing Sources.
  • Please include the full web-site address of on-line resources so that your teacher can find it.
    That means that you don’t write www.tiferes.ca (unless it is on the home page) but www.tiferes.ca/gallery/art11.htm.
  • If you are not certain whether you need to cite a source (for example, common knowledge), please consult your teacher.
  • You may use www.citationmachine.net or www.easybib.com to help format your courses.




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