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APA In-Text Citation

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Cite sources in the body of the paper:


  • Use in-text citations in parentheses (brackets) unless your teacher says otherwise.

  • The citations usually include the authors’ names, publication dates and page numbers, however depending upon the type of source or the information that is available it may differ. Please refer to the categories in the following pages.

  • All in-text citations must be document on the References page at the end of the paper.

  • Use the chart below or the drop-down list at http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/resdoc5e/RES5e_ch08_s1-0001.html



Direct Quotations

For ONE book by an author

Include the last name of the author, the year of publication, a comma, and the page number. Use the abbreviation “p” or “pp.”

(Smith, 2010, p. 30)

For TWO or more books by the same author

Include the last name, a comma, a short title for the book (in italics) and the page number.

(Smith, Great Literature, 2010, pp. 6-10)

For ONE book by two or more authors

Include the last name of each author and the publication year.

If there are 3 to 5 authors, cite all of them the first time and then in subsequent citaitons include only the last name of the first author followed by “et al.” and the year.

(Smith and James, 2020, p. 3)

Material by a Group such as an Association

Spell out the entire name of the group the first time. Subsequent citations may use abbreviations.

(National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], 1999) Subsequent citations: (NIMH, 1999)

Electronic Resource

Since web sites do not have page numbers, use a paragraph number, if available, preceded by the ¶ symbol or abbreviation para. Otherwise, site the heading and paragraph.

(Smith, 2000, ¶ 5)



State the author’s surname within the sentence, followed by the date, without the page number.

Smith (2010) discovered that…


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