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Jewish Fiction

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Jewish Fiction




 Title  Author Owl In TBY Genre, Theme, Setting, TIme, etc.
The Will Chaim Greenbaum      
The Mexico File Chaim Greenbaum      
Fingerprint Chaim Greenbaum      
The Gordian Knot Yair Weinstock      
Delayed Reaction Yair Weinstock      
Borrowed Time Yair Weinstock      
Blackout Yair Weinstock      
Eye of the Storm Yair Weinstock      
Dual Allegiance Yair Weinstock      
Calculated Risk Yair Weinstock      
Time Bomb Yair Weinstock      
The Envelope Chaim Eliav      
THe Mission Chaim Eliav      
In The Spider's Web Chaim Eliav      
The Persecution Chaim Eliav      
The Runaway Chaim Eliav      
Yesterday's Child Ruth Benjamin   
Stranger to Her People  Ruth Benjamin       
All the Hidden Children  Ruth Benjamin   
On a Golden Chain  Ruth Benjamin       
A Time to Rend, A Time to Sew  Rachel Pomerantz   
Wildflower  Rachel Pomerantz       
Cactus Blossoms  Rachel Pomerantz   
Bells and Pomegranates  Rachel Pomerantz       
As Mountains Around Jerusalem  Rachel Pomerantz       
Crossing the Divide  Rachel Pomerantz   
Captive Soul Shoshana Schwartz      
In Full Bloom Shoshana Schwartz      
Tangled Ties Shoshana Schwartz      
Carers Ltd.  Ruthie Pearlman      
Dark Tapestry Ruthie Pearlman      
The Group Ruthie Pearlman      
The Movement Ruthie Pearlman      
Against the Wall Ruthie Pearlman      
Making It Last Ruthie Pearlman      
Working It Out Ruthie Pearlman      
Getting It Right Ruthie Pearlman      
Daniel, My Son Ruthie Pearlman      
Dare to Dream Leah Gebber      
Deep Blue Meir Uri Gottesman      
The Harp Meir Uri Gottesman      
The Morning Star Meir Uri Gottesman      
Breaking Point Riva Pomerantz      
Breaking Free Riva Pomerantz      
Split Ends Riva Pomerantz      
Diamond Dust Riva Pomerantz      
Divided Attention Esther Rappaport      
Dollhouse Miri Sonnenfeld      
Everyone's Got a Story Ruchama K. Friedman      
First Identity Yitzchak Goldman      
The Other Side of the Farm Yitzchak Goldman      
Invisible Me Tzippi Caton      
Learning Curve Sara Raziel & Ilana Pollack      
Mirror Image Shevy Schottenstein      
Sun Inside Rain M. Bassra      
Switched Identity A.B. Yisai      
The Cliff Line M. Wiseman      
Double Identity Meir Bendet      
The Highest Bidder Meir Bendet      
The Orphan Book 1 Meir Bendet      
The Orphan Book 2 Meir Bendet      
The Accused Part 1 Meir Bendet       
The Accused Part 2 Meir Bendet      
The Link Nachman Seltzer      
The Network Nachman Seltzer      
Trapped In Cyberspace Ayala Stimler      
The Silent Witness David Kaufman      
Flashback Gita Gordon      
If Only Faigie Newman      
The Judge Libby Lazewnik      
The Quest Libby Lazewnik      
The Fortune Seekers LIbby Lazewnik      
Pyramid Base Eli Shekhter      
Interrupted Journey Rachel Schorr      
The Legacy Sarah Kisner      
Chocolate Liqueur Sarah Kisner      
Whispers Chava Rosenberg      




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