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Jewish Historical Fiction

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Jewish Fiction





 Title  Author Owl In TBY Genre, Theme, Setting, TIme, etc.
The Pomegranate Pendant Dvora Waysman      
The Exiles of Crocodile Island Henya Meyer      
Don Yosef Nasi: A Marrano's Rise to Power Avishai Stockhammer      
Full Harvest Etka Gittel Schwartz      
Shortchanged Etka Gittel Schwartz      
Terra Incognita Etka Gittel Schwartz      
The Promised Child Avner Gold      
The Dream Avner Gold      
The Year of the Sword Avner Gold      
Twilight Avner Gold      
The Imposter Avner Gold      
The Purple Ring Avner Gold      
Envoy from Vienna Avner Gold      
The Marrano Prince Avner Gold      
The Long Road to Freedom Avner Gold      
Scandal in Amsterdam Avner Gold      
The Fur Traders Avner Gold      
Midnight Intruders  Avner Gold      
The Family Aguilar Marcus Lehmann      
The Adopted Princess Marcus Lehmann      
Portrait of Two Families Marcus Lehmann      
The Royal Resident Marcus Lehmann      
Akiva Marcus Lehmann      
Rabbi Yoselman of Rosheim Marcus Lehmann      
Itamar and the Aguna Marcus Lehmann      
And Rachel was his Wife Marsi Tabak      
The Twins Benzion Firer      
The Long Journey Home Benzion Firer      
Saadiah Weissman Benzion Firer      




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